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Mrs. AngelaRaye Penright, BSB
               life Strategist and Founder

Mrs. AngelaRaye Penright, founder of LadiesConnecting Inc.  She grow up in 5th ward TX and later moved to Northwood Manor. There were not too many opportunities or support when I was growing up so I became the person I needed. College was not something that was expressed to me, I heard about however was told it wasn't for me. I have always wanted to go to college and become a businesswoman, but I wasn't sure if I could or how any of this would be done. One morning after dropping my daughter off at school I notice North Harris Community College, across the parking lot from her school not that the building hadn't been there I never noticed the building. On this dreary morning I decided to go into the building just to get some information about applying to school. Two hours later I walked out of the building with my fall semesters classes, FAFSA done, and let me not forget the biggest smile on my face thanking God for what had just happen. Now as a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and a friend. I am determined to give out those things I needed to those that need it by being supportive.

I love providing a helping hand and I have an excellent work ethic; however, my attitude was not up to par with the standards of the environments I would find myself in. It took one of my supervisors and the birth of my daughter to make me realize that in order to go down the path I was destined for, I would have to make a change in me and my attitude. I needed it to work for me and not against me. I needed to become patient (which my son taught me) and kind. I learned how to approach obstacles with the right attitude, knowing how to direct any negative energy to the right cause. 

I received my Bachelor's of Science in Business and with a minor in Psychology. I made a committed to learn what was needed to become a businesswoman.  I am now dedicated to building up our community of young ladies to teach them the importance of loving themselves, being kind to others, and using their attitude in a more positive way. LadiesConnecting Inc. is not just for our next generation of women also for our women of today.


LadiesConnecting Inc. is more than a mentoring or after school mentoring program. We are committed to assisting our young ladies and women in becoming self-sufficient for themselves and their families. Our goal is to provide the love and support to each one according to their personal needs. We offer Life and Business Coaching/w Strategies, Leadership Classes, Financial literacy, and Business Consulting. We are here to assist you in becoming purposefully driven towards your life goals. Contact me and let's have a conversation about it.... LCinc. is promoting an impactful change in the way we view ourselves and others.

I look forward to speaking with you. 

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