ABOUT the Founder

iam Mrs. AngelaRaye Penright

life Strategist


LadiesConnecting Inc.

First: (Momma where do babies come from)


My daughter was 6 years old when she asked that question which no parent never wants to answer.

I knew that if she was going to get a truthful answer it would have to come from me. I wanted to be honest, but I wanted to preserve her innocence as an inquisitive little human.  With all the curiosity within her she had many questions surly to keep me on my toes. At, any given moment I would often ask my children "Who are you?" and the response would be " I don't Know" I would tell them Well we need to figure it out. This is where it all began for me with the Q & A the more questions asked and answered the closer, we become to getting to know who we are as a person. I love building up our community of girls (young ladies) as I called them so they will know who they are to themselves the more powerful they will become to the world. LadiesConnecting Inc. 


Second: (Be careful of the words you speak)

I told myself that I wanted to be able to know the ends and outs of business even if I had to give it to someone else to manage. I went back to school to receive my Bachelor of Science in Business. Even though I had this degree it did not give me the worldly tools I needed to start a business. Not sure of what I wanted to do I investigated different business ventures that I knew I was qualified to do. I sort out others in the field that were a little seasoned and found that my questions were apparently expensive or not worth of a correct answer. I can tell you I was very frustrated, and I did not want to try anything else for some time. Even so, I have always found myself talking to girls about their anger, hurt, and pain that they were enduring. The feeling I received from helping them keep me walking in my true passion. Having some of their life questions answered would have them walking away with their heads up and walking taller.

I would even find myself asking young women and women as well if they liked doing the work that they were doing or if they wanted to do something different and if so, what was stopping them from achieving this goal.

I would have never thought of doing this professionally but here I am over 30 years later of listening, talking, or answering questions from young ladies that needed to have someone hear her hurt and pain. Helping others find their purpose in life, inspiring us to be better for ourselves so we may be able to help others. I became the person I wish I had.