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the somewhat underrated rushmore is one of my all-time favorite movies. wes anderson's movies aren't for everyone - but they're all so charming and clever. in the movie rushmore is centered around a young man named charlie (jason schwartzman) who has inherited the wealth of his late grandfather charles (jason segel) who has left charlie a small fortune in the form of the school that charlie attends, and the building and grounds it is housed in. charlie is living with his foster parents, the ambersons. when charlie gets the news that he has inherited the school he announces he wants to open up the school to the general public and the ambersons take him to court. the movie is centered around the relationship between charlie and his parents, and the entire cast is great. recommended.

Sixteen Movie Hd 1080p

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the most underrated great film ever made. this film is actually a comedy, but it is a horror film at the same time. the film is a take on the ghost story, a story about a group of people who are trying to get rid of a murder. this movie is an extremely well done modern day take on the ghost story. you will not be able to stop watching this movie. recommended.

it's hard to get excited about this remake of a movie that's been seen so many times before. but, the trailer looks like a good time. it looks like the film is going to be much more scary than the previous films. i'm intrigued.

when her parents forgot her birthday, samantha was forced to spend her birthday at a party at jake ryan's house. the party had been thrown by jake's parents - and samantha's parents didn't know it was going to be a party. it was supposed to be a surprise party for samantha. it wasn't supposed to be a gross party. it wasn't supposed to be a disgusting party. it wasn't supposed to be a movie that has put me in the couch for the past ten minutes with my jaw dropped open!

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