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Hacker Facebook v 1.9 2012: How to Download and Use This Dangerous Software

this is not a hack in the traditional sense. instead, it simply allows you to see the data on a users facebook profile. there is no way to get into the facebook account and see any personal information. clicking on a link in a notification will not even take you to the facebook page for that persons profile. you will see a screen similar to the one below and thats about it. as noted above, if youre already following one of the social accounts above, or have already signed up for one of the email lists, you dont need redo those. just select the appropriate options below to receive those entrys. but

hacker facebook v 1.9 2012

now you can see user traffic however anything ssl aka https will be encrypted. to beat this, you can use the widget for ssl strip to force any attempt to access https back to http. click the enable underssl stripon the dashboard to start the attack. next click sslstrip and you will see an output tab. click refresh and it will display any https requests that have been sent back in the clear. so when somebody logs into facebook, this will show the request including user name and password.

cellular phones are usually shielded from threats through a layer of protection provided by network carriers such as at&t. fahd was able to bypass this protection after obtaining credentials from at&t insiders, who he recruited over facebook between the summer of 2012 and april 2013. fahds facebook alias, the investigations revealed, was one frank zhang.

that's right - the face of the world's most visited social network is about to go public. we are excited about the future of facebook, and are thrilled to have a seat at the table alongside mark and the rest of the facebook team as they shape the future of the world's most important communication and social media platform. we are incredibly proud of what we've built, and we can't wait to share it with everyone.


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