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Girls Forever (1191) Mp4

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Girls Forever (1191) mp4


I beg and grovel under the desk at Her feet for Her forgiveness while She examines the clip store's sales for the day. She then puts me to work at the desk and props Her feet up in front of my face to "motivate" me to work harder for Her and make Her more money. If i don't She threatens to take Her feet away from me forever- and they are the only joy i have in life- and Goddess knows it. She then ends the video by actually chaining me to the desk and commanding me to "work!" while She walks out and leaves me there to continue to generate income for Her and Her boyfriend... (He is not seen or heard in the video, though.)

The vacation they are actually off enjoying right now is one that i guess i have paid for for them, with my suffering & tireless labor on this store. Which Goddess likes to remind me of constantly...i have actually received several texts from her already since She left, telling me what a great time She/they are having and how pathetic i am for paying for it. But She knows i NEED Her feet. (Even though Her and Her BF think it's pathetic...She knows She can use it to make me work for Her forever..) :( 041b061a72

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