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Little Krishna - The Darling of Vrindavan: A Movie Full of Fun and Wonder - Free Download

Little Krishna - The Darling of Vrindavan: A Review

If you are looking for a fun, colorful, and spiritual animated movie for your kids, you might want to check out Little Krishna - The Darling of Vrindavan. This movie is based on the books of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, and depicts the childhood adventures of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. The movie is produced by ISKCON Bangalore and Big Animation, and was released in 2009. It is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and YouTube, as well as on DVD from In this article, we will review the movie and see what makes it a great choice for your family.


The movie tells the story of Lord Krishna's birth and his naughty childhood adventures in Vrindavan, a village where he lived with his foster parents Nanda and Yashoda. The movie shows how Krishna, who is actually the Supreme Personality of Godhead, grew up as a playful and mischievous boy, who loved to steal butter, play with his friends, and tease his elders. But he was also the bravest of all, who protected Vrindavan from various demons sent by his evil uncle Kamsa, who wanted to kill him. The movie also shows how Krishna performed many miraculous feats, such as lifting up a huge hill, defeating a giant snake, and dancing on the heads of many-headed serpents.

little krishna the darling of vrindavan movie free download

The main characters of the movie are:

  • Krishna: The protagonist of the movie, who is actually God himself in human form. He is charming, intelligent, compassionate, and powerful. He loves to play with his friends and cows, and enjoys eating butter. He is also fearless and heroic, who saves Vrindavan from many dangers.

  • Yashoda: The foster mother of Krishna, who loves him dearly. She is kind, gentle, and caring. She often scolds Krishna for his mischief, but also forgives him easily. She is proud of her son's extraordinary abilities.

  • Nanda: The foster father of Krishna, who is also the leader of Vrindavan. He is wise, generous, and humble. He respects Krishna as his son, but also as his master. He supports Krishna in his adventures and protects him from harm.

  • Balarama: The elder brother of Krishna, who is also his first expansion. He is strong, loyal, and friendly. He accompanies Krishna in his games and fights. He sometimes gets annoyed by Krishna's pranks, but also admires him.

  • Radha: The childhood friend and eternal consort of Krishna. She is beautiful, graceful, and devoted. She loves Krishna more than anything else in the world. She often gets jealous of Krishna's other girlfriends, but also understands his divine nature.

  • Kamsa: The antagonist of the movie, who is also the king of Mathura. He is cruel, arrogant, and power-hungry. He wants to kill Krishna because he heard a prophecy that Krishna will be his downfall. He sends many demons to Vrindavan to assassinate him.

The main themes of the movie are:

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Love: The movie shows how love is the most powerful force in the universe. It shows how Krishna - loves everyone unconditionally, regardless of their faults and flaws. It shows how his love attracts and transforms the hearts of his devotees, friends, and enemies. It shows how his love is the ultimate source of happiness and bliss for all living beings. - Adventure: The movie shows how Krishna's life is full of adventure and excitement. It shows how he faces many challenges and dangers with courage and confidence. It shows how he uses his intelligence, creativity, and humor to overcome his enemies and obstacles. It shows how he enjoys every moment of his life with fun and joy. - Spirituality: The movie shows how Krishna's life is the perfect example of spirituality. It shows how he is the supreme lord of all creation, who descends to earth to perform his pastimes for the benefit of all. It shows how he reveals his divine qualities and opulences to those who have faith in him. It shows how he teaches the eternal principles of dharma, karma, and bhakti to his followers. Plot summary

The movie begins with a narration of how Kamsa, the tyrant king of Mathura, imprisons his father Ugrasena and usurps the throne. He also imprisons his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva, because he hears a voice from the sky that predicts that their eighth son will kill him. He kills their first six sons mercilessly, but the seventh son, Balarama, is miraculously transferred to the womb of Rohini, Vasudeva's other wife, who lives in Vrindavan. The eighth son, Krishna, is born in the prison cell, but Vasudeva manages to escape with him and exchange him with a baby girl born to Nanda and Yashoda in Vrindavan. Kamsa tries to kill the baby girl, thinking she is the eighth son, but she slips from his hands and reveals herself as Goddess Durga, who warns him that his killer is already born and will soon come to destroy him.

The movie then shifts to Vrindavan, where Krishna grows up as a lovable and naughty child. He makes friends with the other cowherd boys and girls, especially Radha, who is his dearest companion. He also makes enemies with some of the villagers, such as Kaliya, a greedy merchant who hoards butter; Trinavarta, a wicked brahmana who curses him; and Putana, a witch who tries to poison him. He also attracts the attention of many demons sent by Kamsa, such as Bakasura, a giant crane; Aghasura, a monstrous python; Vatsasura, a shape-shifting calf; Pralambasura, a disguised wrestler; Dhenukasura, a ferocious donkey; and Aristasura, a raging bull. Krishna defeats them all with his amazing powers and saves Vrindavan from their attacks.

The movie also shows some of the most famous episodes from Krishna's childhood pastimes, such as:

  • The Damodara Lila: Krishna steals butter from the houses of the gopis (cowherd women) and shares it with his friends and monkeys. Yashoda catches him red-handed and tries to tie him up with a rope, but finds that the rope is always two fingers short. She finally succeeds when Krishna allows her to do so out of his love for her. She then leaves him tied to a mortar while she goes to attend some work. Krishna drags the mortar between two trees and uproots them, freeing two demigods who were cursed to become trees by Narada Muni.

  • The Govardhana Lila: Krishna convinces Nanda and the other villagers to stop worshipping Indra, the king of heaven, and instead worship Govardhana Hill, which provides them with food, water, and shelter. Indra becomes angry and sends a torrential rainstorm to flood Vrindavan. Krishna lifts up Govardhana Hill with his little finger and shelters everyone under it for seven days. Indra realizes his mistake and apologizes to Krishna, who forgives him.

  • The Kaliya Lila: Krishna jumps into the Yamuna river to retrieve a ball that was thrown by his friends. He encounters Kaliya, a poisonous serpent who has polluted the water with his venom. Krishna subdues Kaliya by dancing on his hoods and forces him to leave the river along with his wives and children.

The Rasa Lila: Krishna plays his flute at night and attracts all the gopis, who leave their homes and husbands to join him in a dance of love. He multiplies himself to dance with each gopi individually and recipr

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