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Kodi 16 [UPDATED] Download Apk

Please note, development of the v18 "Leia" line has ended. If you discover a bug in v18, please test if the bug is also present in v19 and submit your bug report for v19 if present. While we do not recommend using old builds, you can download an old build from our mirrors site if you need to.

Kodi 16 Download Apk

You are about to download the Kodi 16.1 APK file for Android 4.2 Last Updated 24 April 2016 & Age Rating Everyone. Make sure you have enough space on your Android device for the download.

To opt the download you may choose one of the server location to get the apk file for Kodi 16.1, copy the file to your Android phone's memory or SD card and then use your favorite file manager to install apk.

If you have AdBlock plugin or a Tracking Protection turned on they may interfere with the downloading functionality. Please switch it off in the uc browser, chrome or firefox settings or in the browser extentions. You may load and install APK Now or choose any mirror server. More Versions.

Hay guys I bought a KII pro a week ago I try to watch arabic channel but what ever I do non seems working a message popup one or more programm not opening or that red crossed msg it comes, so it kodi doesnt work for Australia or I missed smtn? Pls help am furstrated. I bought three box any help pls pls.

I had v15 Isengard but had a problem when exiting Kodi. When clicking the shutdown button in bottom left corner and clicking the exit promt kodi feezes and will not shut down. After uninstalling v15 and reinstalling Kodi v16.1 Jarvis I find that the problem still exists. What have I missed please?

I was able to download Kodi 16.1 but when I go to open ES asks me to open as. The options are text, audio, video, image or other. I tried every possibility and I still cannot open. Your advice is appreciated.

Hello people im trying to install kodi 16.1 on a new firestick and nothing happens when i click on arm and when i scroll down to more and open in new browser it just takes me back to a new browser display. Any help out there thanx

loaded 16.1 with no probs but starts to load with 16.1 version on screen and goes back to logo. I have forced stop and cleared cache, unplugged power to firestick and unplugged firestick for 30 secs but still goes back to logo after attempting to load. I have noticed that not downloaded from amazon appears undernear app??

new firestick , wont ddownload the arm file. just spins and stops. tried the more oprion at bottom right but get message not supported etc. anybody out there got a fire stick wworking on 16.1 if so how? never had issues before with earlier versions.

The downloaded Kodi file can be clicked on to install. If it is installing over a older version sometimes settings may not keep and add-ons can disappear. Installing add-ons into Kodi is not difficult if this happens.

I have kodi 16.1 jarvis on a mxq box. It a clean version but i tried to setup the no limits wizard and it installed but when i opened kodi it says no limits in the rss feed but does not look like it or have any of the options. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh by the way it doesnt matter which wizard i use (beast, wookie, fusion, nolimits) they all do the same thing they install and go through all the steps just fine but doesnt take over the looks and options like it does on my phone which is running the same kodi 16.1 jarvis.

Hi i have a MX box with can i update it to isengard? What exactly is the easiest way? I tried using the usb method but when i tried to install apk on box it just clicks it. Nothing at all downloads or opens. Please help!

I have just got a new android box (the White one) followed a video on youtube to get Kodi and builds, it works perfect thank you. I have my old box still and tried to do the same but it will not allow me to download the same build for some reason in areswizard. it would be handy to have the secound box working as good is this possible?

I have a mx box which someone has set up,,with a few add ons and programs but not sure which version of kodi is actually says 14.2 and wanted to update to jarvis 16.msg scroll across bottom of screen with msg about jarvis 16.0 .Don`t know if that is what is actually installed or advertising?? how do i know which version/build is on the android box?

I have several MX boxes, I have Uninstaller 14.2, then installed 16, then put different builds on them, it does not matter how I shut kodi down after watching movies just fine, I can exit through kodi, or force close or unplug. No matter how I end kodi when I turn the box back on and start kodi it has reverted back to stock kodi 14.2. How does it do that when I Uninstaller kodi 14.2 and installed 16. Different boxes same result

I thought that I would add, if you're running KitKat-4.4 with Kodi-16.0 (that's what I'm running from the stock files downloaded from this forum), then Kodi is no longer visible on the Google Play Store because Google's Kodi is at 17.0+ and it says it is "not compatible with your device" (being KitKat).

I did however download the .apk file for Kodi-16.1 (Jarvis) for ARM directly from the Kodi website, dropped it onto a USB key, and using AppInstaller on my 1800E it found the file on the USB key and installed/updated Kodi to 16.1 in 30 seconds flat, kept all my settings and library configuration, and resolved a number of stability issues. Works like a charm.

When Kodi plays streaming videos, it downloads a few seconds at a time to the cache. This allows for faster access and smoother streaming. However, when the cache fills up entirely it can cause Kodi to behave erratically. Choppy video is a tell-tale sign that the cache is getting full and although the cache usually empties itself, sometimes it needs to be flushed manually.

Hi, IanI have kodi version 18. It was working good. Add ons I use are exodus redux, venom, the crew.These last couple of days every add on i use and every series i search for and every episode , the stream starts but the voice is faster than the video. After 1 minute and 30 seconds of streaming. The video freezes and the voice happens all the time. I deleted kodi and re installed it and i re installed the add ons as well. I dont know what is happening. Can you help me please.

Hello,I was in touch a few weeks ago but my replies kept getting rejected from being posted again.I tried everything and cannot get kodi to work on my android box, as an alternative, is it safe to install kodi with exodus etc. on my xbox one or will it mess with everything?Thanks Phoebe

Hey our RVEAL box used kodi which gave us access to Apollo and Exodus and now after an update we cannot even access either of those two servers. Are they gone forever from access? Other people we know with them are still able to have access to everything. How can we get them again, if possible?

hey i hope if you could help with a problem i have i could watch my kodi programming well till yesterday it started crashing it made the tv go black and i would have to reboot it it worked well for a while but then it crashed and the screen went black again and again i had to reboot i use indigo to clear cache it worked for longer but the problem persisted so i could do factory reset but i dont wanna lose my configuration if you could please tell me what i could do to fix it

I have been using Kodi for a few years now. I have just upgraded to 18.2. In the past, I would always use Ares Wizard to make a complete back up for my firestick. Save the zip file from using ES File Explorer to the cloud and then copy the zip file to all of the firesticks in my home. I learn that Ares Wizard will no longer allow you to back up your configuration once you install kodi 18 and higher. Ares Wizard will not allow you to select a destination folder path. Once you select the destination path and select ok, it will revert back to no location selected. Any recommendations on a backup solution similar to Ares Wizard? Or another way I can easily back up my configuration on one firestick and transfer it to another firestick?

This is a question for Ian. I use an android box for kodi. Everything was working great until last week. I noticed that the box ungraded a new kodi version. Now, although there is still plenty of streams from Exodus, nothing is working. Any advice.

hey Ian,I recently bought this android box (2gb, 16gb) called x96 mini. Everything is working fine but whenever i try to install any build (that works for other people), the build downloads but when the files are being copied after downloading, kodi simply crashes and the box restarts. When i open kodi then, nothing has changed. What do I do? Can i never install a build?

Sorry to piggyback on your comment but i couldnt find a way to comment myself. I have been having a problem with kodi for almost a week now. It opens up fine I click on an addon and the the circle just keeps spinning spinning and nothing happens. I even tried loading kodi 18 and still having the same issue. Please help if you can.

File name: org.xbmc.kodi -16.0 .apkVersion: 16.0 Uploaded: October 2, 2016 at 13:10 AM GMT+00File size: 58.99 MB (61,858,917 bytes)Minimum Android version: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)


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