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Goodsync Enterprise

Research shows that over 50% of enterprise data is stored on individual users' laptops or desktops and is not protected. With an increasingly mobile work force in enterprises, there's clearly been a large increase in the amount of working data stored on smart phones and other devices. GoodSync Enterprise is a cost-effective, out-of-the-box, and full-featured solution to protecting this data.

Goodsync Enterprise

GoodSync, by Siber Systems, is a well-known file synchronization and backup software program built on a standard client-server architecture. GoodSync does a solid job of transferring data and synchronizing files between two computers. GoodSync, and programs similar to GoodSync, perform two primary job functions: file synchronization and file backup. The file synchronization job detects file changes in directories and synchronizes the changes between two machines. The backup software is used to copy changes in directories from one machine to another. The enterprise version of GoodSync offers a centralized management server to remotely configure and monitor jobs inside the enterprise. GoodSync runs on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, Apple Mac and iOS.

That said, if you work on more complex projects or run an enterprise with large teams, GoodSync might not be able to cater to all your needs. While safe and reliable, it lacks some crucial advanced features that can be found in some of the more popular cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive or Box for Business for a lower price.


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