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Callahan Original Mix 9 30 Serious Dancers MP3 Download

In early January 2018, Mars announced via Instagram that "Finesse" would be the album's fifth single, and unlike the original, the single version features rap verses from Cardi B. The announcement was accompanied with the single's artwork, which features Mars and Cardi B "channeling some serious '90s music video vibes".[17][18] It was released on January 4, 2018, via digital download and streaming services in various countries via Atlantic Records.[19] Warner Music Group also issued the track for radio airplay in Italy on January 8, 2018.[20] Subsequently, the song was released to US contemporary hit radio stations on January 9, 2018, by Atlantic Records.[21] BBC Radio 1 began adding the song onto their playlists on January 12, 2018.[22] American urban contemporary radio stations began adding the track onto their playlists on January 16, 2018, through the aforementioned label.[23] On March 23, 2018, two additional remixes of the single version were released in various countries by Atlantic Records.[24] A vinyl featuring the single rendition of "Finesse" and its original version was released in 2018.[15] The version with Cardi B was later included on the deluxe version of 24K Magic.[25]

Callahan Original Mix 9 30 Serious Dancers MP3 Download

The remix also received positive reviews from music critics. Chris Gayomali writing for GQ considered the album version to be a "sleeper jam" and dubbed the remix a "bop". Gayomali continued, "The pairing with Bardi hits all the feel-good throwback notes."[48] Dean Nguyen from The Irish Times said the remix is a "2018 single-of-the-year candidate" as its composition recalls "Bell Biv DeVoe and Dangerous (1991)-era Michael Jackson".[33] Ron Dicker of HuffPost complemented the duo and the song, "Mars and Cardi B killed it in a remix for the ages."[49] Jody Rosen, writing for The New York Times, opined that the single "sounds like the new jack swing Platonic ideal. It's an imitation so fine-tuned it makes the originals seem ersatz."[34] The Independent's Roisin O'Connor and Forbes's Hugh McIntyre shared a similar opinion, saying that despite being a Bruno Mars song, Cardi B "steals the show" due to her perfect and reminiscent of the old-school hip hop flow. O'Connor added that despite the flow, "it still manages to capture her distinct style". McIntyre complemented the production and backing vocals, saying it "could have been a serious smash in the early 90s".[50][51]

Capitulé recalled the music video taking three days to make, consisting of two nine-hour rehearsals and one 15-hour shoot. She added that with Mars they had to work hard, but there were moments of goofiness, and the latter was not looking to be the main character supported by backed-up dancers, but instead "wanted it to feel as if they were all in one crew together". She said it was an honor for the dancers "to emulate the show's iconic Fly Girls".[97] The visual was directed by Mars and Florent Dechard, with choreography done by Tayag and Mars, with Tayag as a creative consultant.[98] According to comedian and former actor of In Living Color, David Alan Grier, the set-up of the video matched exactly the one in the show, including the original paint can intro and the DJ booth.[99]

The video premiered on January 4, 2018, and pays homage to In Living Color.[100] The former was formatted in a 4:3 aspect ratio, but the main dance sequence was shot at 60 frames per second. Jake Rodkin, game designer and video editor, explained that this was done in order to evoke the nostalgia of videos shot in the 1990s without using fake scan lines or VHS fuzz.[101] The outfits were inspired by brand the Cross Colours.[102] Cardi B was dressed in washed denim cutoffs, a bold neon jacket, tube socks, a backwards baseball cap, oversized gold doorknocker earrings, and bold pink eye shadow. Mars and the male dancers wore vertical-striped tops and denim cloths, while the female dancers wore crop tops, vertical stripes and bold colors.[103][104] The music video opens with Mars and Cardi B using paint and spray paint, reenacting the intro scene from the In Living Color theme song as the latter raps, before Mars's first verse begins. It features several scenes of old-school choreographed dancing between Mars and a dance troupe similar to the original show's Fly Girls, who dance on a rooftop set in a soundstage while Mars sings the second verse.[27][104][105] DJ Rashida is seen in various scenes of the video on a DJ booth.[99][103]

04/21/2020 NEW OO OO WA SINGLE! "Smart Girls" is the first new recording from Darren Callahan's old pop band since 1995. Available now through all streaming and download providers. Featuring all the original members and Darren's daughter Charlotte Callahan on vocals. A two minute pop gem that you must give a listen to!

09/04/2018 DEMENTIA PRECOX "HUH?" RELEASED! In 1986, one of Darren Callahan's greatest influences released an excellent second album. It is with great excitement that we annouce it has been reissued by Darren's label, Brazildisc, featuring a new master from the original tapes. Click here to learn more about this terrific project. Darren served as Executive Producer on the restoration. Available now on all streaming/download providers. 041b061a72


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