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Anime Fruit Simulator GUI

Hello guys, if you are looking for a working free Anime Fruit Simulator Script, We have recently published a new hack for this Roblox game which will automatically farm and get all the epic and legendary fruits for you.

Anime Fruit Simulator GUI

Anime Fruit Simulator utilizes various types of gear that you can use to battle enemies and unlock new areas to adventure. This gear, like pets, weapons, and fruits, increases your stats and gives you abilities in different ways. You will need to accumulate coins, gems, and spins to unlock and upgrade them. You can earn some by defeating enemies.

Anime Fruit Simulator is an RPG simulator game where you can utilize mighty powers given by the Anime-inspired devil fruits and battle different enemies to unlock new locations. You can also unlock new weapons and pets to help boost your stats and strengthen you to take down more dangerous opponents. Enemies drop coins and gems used to make upgrades and unlock the gear. You can fuse fruits together to make them even better and increase their rarity. Become the strongest anime warrior by unlocking the rarest fruit and upgrading it to the max.

Use magma fruit z move, then while the attack is in affect, swap to a sword style (any sword style) and use z move. Your character should have arms stretched out, and every few seconds, the arms go back and replay the magma punch attack animation.

Anime Fruit Simulator is a newly released 3D experience created by the developer Obtain for the Roblox platform. The game offers the same concept as Blox Fruits, and is pretty addictive. For folks uninformed, Anime Fruit Simulator gameplay revolves around fighting enemies in order to earn coins and gems which can be used to hatch pets and to get spins for fruits.

Anime Fighters SimulatorCreatorSulleyMonth createdJanuary 2021VisitsAround 1,016,310,000Gear types allowedNoneGenreAdventure Page last updated on December 18, 2022Anime Fighters Simulator (previously known as Anime Fighters) is an experience by Sulley where you travel through various anime inspired worlds, defeating enemies with fighters that you can unlock by opening stars in every map.

All fighters have a chance to be a "shiny", these fighters deal more damage than a non-shiny, sell for more yen, and have visual changes. You can get these fighters either from a low % drop from opening stars, or using the machine on Chimera Island to transform them into shinies using fruits that you can either buy from the Fruit Merchant, located near the machine, or from destroying metoers that periodically spawn in any island. Shiny Crafted Secrets can only be gained by having 5 of the corresponding shiny mythicals and 20 shards from that map. You could also obtain fruits from gifts that spawn in any of the many islands. 041b061a72


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