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Our teen life Strategy program is individualized to meet each young lady's needs.  By helping them learn and apply relevant life skills to build their self-awareness and confidence.

A teen life coach creates a safe space for girls to share their triumphs, explore their struggles, seek answers and develop tools to create a life of confidence, success and happiness.

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One on One Sessions

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  • Parent/Guardian Intake Session (60-90 min) - This is so we can establish a rapport with the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the teen and get a feel of problem area(s). By the end of the intake session, you should know whether you would like to move forward.

  • 6-week session (60 min) - 

  • Parent/Guardian Review Session - after week 3 this is to let you know (parent/

  • guardians know where we stand at this point, and at week 6 this would determine if we were completed or more sessions are needed.  

  • My clients have access to me throughout the entire program through email with a 24 hour turn around with a response. 

Group Sessions:

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